Letter from Director

Hello and thank you for visiting the Saving Mothers, Giving Life website.

Saving Mothers, Giving Life was launched in June 2012 with a clear mission: to rapidly reduce maternal deaths during the critical 24-hour period around labor and delivery. Through the hard work and commitment of many public and private sector organizations, we are already making a difference in selected districts in Uganda and Zambia. Preliminary results are overwhelmingly positive, with large increases in women delivering at health centers, and a reduction in maternal mortality. I encourage you to read the "Updates from the Field" to get a glimpse of how the program is already making an impact.

As we move into year two of Saving Mothers, Giving Life, we anticipate that 2013 is going to be very exciting. Results of the Phase 1 pilots, expected later this year, will allow us to share best practices and successfully implement programs in other districts and countries. We will also expand our existing programs in Zambia and Uganda, recruit new partners and strengthen relationships with governments. All of these efforts will lead to saving more mothers' lives, saving their babies, and saving their families.

Collaboration among our partners and the maternal health community is central to the success of Saving Mothers, Giving Life. We invite other NGOs, donors, and businesses to join us so that we can expand our efforts to save lives. Please contact me at info@savingmothersgivinglife.org to learn more or to share ideas about the partnership.

We look forward to another year of progress toward our goal of ending preventable maternal deaths during childbirth. Please check back often as additional program updates, photos, and stories from the field will be added throughout the year.

Best regards,
Celina Schocken
Director, Saving Mothers, Giving Life