Saving Mothers, Giving Life Primer


No woman should die giving birth, and yet maternal mortality remains one of the leading causes of death among women of reproductive age in developing countries.

The Saving Mothers, Giving Life partnership is prioritizing countries where women and children are dying at alarming rates. As of today, the founding partners have pledged more than $280 million USD in financial resources and additional in-kind resources for work in up to 10 countries over five years.

Work has begun in two countries where maternal mortality rates are disproportionately high—Uganda and Zambia. Each of these countries has made their own commitments, and Saving Mothers, Giving Life is supporting their in-country plans, which will furthermore lead to long-term sustainability. The Partnership envisions that during the scale-up phase in years two and beyond, additional countries will be invited to submit proposals to implement successful Saving Mothers, Giving Life programs in resource-limited settings.